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Content and story telling for satellite, space and technology companies

Strategic Voice helps businesses develop and implement communication strategies that drive awareness and engagement. For small companies and startups that don't have an internal marketing communications team and for established companies that need outside help to manage special projects, Strategic Voice is a communications thought partner ready to help.

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Wendy Lewis develops narratives for news announcements, videos, media interviews and speeches with demonstrated successes in telecom, satellite, space, robotics and virtual reality industries.  She led external communications for Space Systems Loral (now Maxar Technologies) for 12+ years and has a deep understanding of how satellites bring essential information, communications, and entertainment to billions of people around the world. A graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in Art and English, she established Strategic Voice to provide strategic planning, writing and media outreach skills on a consulting basis.

Strategic Voice provides public relations consulting and writing services including fast turnaround for stories, press releases, articles, blogs and social media posts. We are experts at story telling and can get your news and opinions published in industry media. 




News & Events

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Wendy Lewis moderating two sessions at Satellite 2019 in Washington, DC

Pictured above left to right:

Wendy Lewis, Founder, Strategic-Voice

Diederik Kelder, Chief Strategy Officer, LeoSat

Randy Anders, VP North America, Hughes Network Systems

Justin Park, President of Intergalactic Education

What People Are Saying

"Wendy is a talented professional who always maintains an eye on the big picture while executing flawlessly on every detail. She has my highest recommendation as a leader who excels at defining the narrative and executing programs that drive awareness and engagement." - Dario Zamarian, former SSL Group President

"She well navigates the complex and often challenging demands of multiple constituents in creating the right message, both strategically and specifically for each occasion." - Rich Currier, Sr. VP, Business Development, SSL 

"She is a strong communicator who can translate complex technology concepts into clear press releases that engage a broad range of audiences."  - Andre Kearns, Sr. Director, Mktg, Radiant Solutions

"...her expertise in how best to leverage social and other media, and her ability to get high quality projects completed and approved, often by multiple parties with differing interests, has made her a tremendous asset across our many activities." - Gerry Nagler, Director, Mktg, Telesat

"Wendy is a consummate professional. She always kept our company on strategy and on message." - Jeff Brum, VP Marketing, Mechdyne Corporation

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